My Love for you is Isentrophic. Bitch

What's your heroic title? →







 Lauren, The Omniscient Assassin.

Kim, The Swift Blaster.

Which is significantly better than: Kimberley, The Sexy Merchant.

April, the Valorous Gunner!

or if I pick lowercase, april, the Inexhaustible Gunner. 

I always knew I’d be the gunner class. 

Kallicalico, The Elven Marksman :U

Jo, The Terror’s Swordsman.


airpi, the Omniscient Seer!

(haha bullshit)

halcy, The Unstoppable Businessman.

lets get down…

…to business.

Vedastone, the Blessed Archer

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    The Apocalypse Summoner. Yes.
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    Kitana, The Abominable Summoner.
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    Jenna, the apocalypse brat. um
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    Leila, the Abominable Convict.
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    And then there’s me victoria, The Ill-fated Assassin. FRIGGIN ILL FATED I PROBABLY ASSASSINATED MY SELF -.-
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    I got either The Fallen Superhuman (real name) or Bishie Archer (screen name)
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    Madison the Internet Scientist and Artemis the Dragon Engineer FUCK YEAH
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    Viki, The Dwarven Acrobat.
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    ((Aryn the World Merchant. Imsorrywhat))
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    RJ, The Hell’s Archer. Alternatively, Rylie, The Valorous Sorcerer.
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    Breakdown, The spiritual captain(?)
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    dan, the swift follower also danny, the soul paladin
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    Alyssa, The Dragon Pirate (Dang…. Now I need art of a dragon pirate)
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    Kiryu, The Pragmatic Rich Kid.Oh.
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    Koji, The World Rage. This is surprisingly fitting for that old G.U. story I used to have.
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    ;2 I am Mango, The Altruistic Serpentkin. … ;3;
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    Goggles, The Death Engineer killin ya with my sound design yo B)
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    David, the Fiery Knight Is that a fucking Homestuck reference??? or, Ironclad-Oni, the Pragmatic Destoyer meh
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    Lorien, the mediocre rogue. HEY! >:[ llobrien13, The Dragon Cannibal. Uh… o.o”
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    Crayv, The Death Healer or Cray, The Unstoppable Oracle
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    Melanie, the Divine Ninja.Wat? But I’m clumsy as heck!
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    [real name], The Strong Imp Soot, The Fabulous Sorcerer
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    MaKayla, the Unstoppable Saint
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    Erin, The Swift Bard.
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    Avery, The Noble Whisper. Literally what the hell does this even mean
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    Darkspines, the Dwarven Table Waiter This makes me sad in so many ways
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    Alex, The Swift Captain. That is the most inaccurate thing i have ever heard but damn does it sound pretty cool
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    Matt, The Scientific Swordmaster. _Dry, The Ill-fated Gunner.
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    William, The Retarded Food-Seller. yes
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    Jim Fear, The Cold Captain. I can get behind that.
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    Noah, The Spiritual Summoner.